About us

At the opening in 2006, we focused on making photos in Surinamese costume under the name: www.touristphotoshop.com
The only place in Suriname, where you are ready to take a photo in one of the many Surinamese costumes.
Partly due to our familiarity with the tourist market, we received more and more offers from tour operators, to sell tours to the interior of Suriname as their agent.
As a great art lover we have ensured from day 1 that we gave the Surinamese artists a place to exhibit their work. The many artworks by, among others, Anand Dwarka and Lloyd Hasselbaink and Kenneth Graskamp brighten up the whole perfectly.

Our brand, www.sibibusidesigns.com consists of handmade souvenirs from various Surinamese woods. We have neatly finished dolphins, caimans, iguanas, turtles, boats and birds. And made of woods such as, white forest locus, letter wood or brown heart.
But also the beautiful jewelery line from www.sibibusidesigns.com, made from various forest seeds and seeds, such as the kokriki, mara mara and watou seed, are known far beyond the borders of the country.
On a small scale we export to Curacao, Aruba and to the Netherlands.

We introduce ourselves;
Cathrin Jüdell
Because of my tourist training and years of hospitality experience in the Netherlands, it was clear to me that I would be working in the tourism sector during my return in 2000. As a born and bred Surinamese, there is nothing more beautiful for me than working on building my own country.
For me, there is no country on earth as beautiful as Suriname! The mighty Amazone forest, the exciting rapids, the beautiful cultural diversities! I can say:
I made my profession from my hobby!

Dronica Debi-Tewari
Operation Manager

My training Forestry Tourism at the Natuur Technisch Instituut and my HBO education, Biology, have contributed a lot to the interest for the Tourism sector!
It is my passion to socialize with people and tell them about my beautiful country, Suriname! Plants and animals are hard to imagine.
From school time I often organized trips and explored my country, Surinam.
Suriname has a lot to offer. Good food, the different cultures that can live in peace with each other and of course the Amazon Jungle with beautiful sula’s (rapids). Oops! I was already in the interior of Suriname, our office is located at Kerkplein # 8 in Paramaribo.
You can contact me at (E: info@surinametouragent.com | T: +597 8530557)

Merviel Aserie


A young lady, as the best of the Natuur Technisch Instituut, with Bosbouw- Toerisme as a study, that’s me.
It is a challenge for me to work within the Tourism sector.
Suriname is a unique holiday destination.
Anyone who loves pristine jungle, is interested in history and would like to meet the friendly people will undoubtedly have fun. Great food and the tropical climate will contribute to an unforgettable journey of discovery through this beautiful country.
As an all-round employee I find it very important to build a personal bond with our guests. There is a lot of attention for the wishes of each individual guest.
I am working at Suriname Tour Agent from the beginning of 2018.
You can contact me at (E: marketing@surinametouragent.com | T: +597 410461)

We hope to welcome you soon and to share our beautiful Surinam with you.