Apetina tour

Apetina tour
5 days
€ 650.- per person

Where are we going?
On top of the world ‘is the feeling you get when you’re standing on the 347 meter high bare Tebutop; literally the most beautiful highlight of this expedition. We sail along maroon communities: the Paramaccaners, Aluku and Aucaners to travel over the impressive rapid to the land of the Wayana and Trio, indigenous people.

Visit historic villages and routes and intriguingly learn about ancient traditions that remained very well intact. Discover, view and experience nature from the eyes of both Maroons and Indigenous people, who are living in full harmony with the rainforest.

What are we going to do?
The first day we fly from Zorg en Hoop Airport, in Paramaribo, within an hour to Drietabbetje. In Drietabbetje, a large Aucan village, you get to know the culture of the Aucaners. Here you can also swim in the cool waters of the Tapanahony River. The overnight stay takes place in a simple hut with mosquito net.

On day 2 we leave from Drietabbetje towards Apetina.
We will have to drag our boat over different rapids. This experience requires some effort, but it is unforgettable. After the first rapid we stop at Granbori, the last

Marroon village . Here, people still live in a very traditional way. We hope we get to visit the Granman. He will give us permission to travel further and give our journey a blessing.
After lunch, we continue to Tutu Kampoe, where we meet the first group of indigenous people. Because these villages are difficult to reach, these people live almost entirely self-sufficient. After this introduction we continue to Punsula which is the biggest rapid on our trip. We must also pull the boat together through the water. Arrived in Apetina we get a tour of the village to get a good view of how the indigenous people live here.
The overnight stay takes place in an authentic hut on poles.

On day 3 we will go for a village walk through Apetina in the morning.
Then we will optionally make our way towards the Tebutop. The climb of this 374 meter high sacred mountain takes about two and a half hours. The bare, steep granite rock is a heavy experience, but once you reached the top, it feels like you can take on the whole world.
Enjoy the breathtaking view of an almost heavenly piece of rainforest. The silence on the top prevails.
After the climb we go back to Apetina. Here you can enjoy in the river.
Even tonight we are staying here.

After breakfast in Apetina on day 4 you still have the opportunity to buy nice souvenirs offered by local people.
On the way back to Drietabbetje we have to drag the boat over the Punsula again and cross some other beautiful rapids.
When we arrived in Drietabbetje, the residence of the great chief (Granman) of Aucaners, you will be given a tour of the village, and we will meet the Granman if necessary.
In Drietabbetje we are sleeping in hammocks with mosquito net in a hut with a beautiful view on the river.

On the departure day, after breakfast, you have the morning to spend your time free. Around noon we fly back to Zorg en Hoop in Paramaribo.

Please note: that the program is subjected to changes (depends on culture or weather conditions)

What is included?
Transport by air. All meals and fruit, water, juice / syrup, coffee / tea, tour guide (Dutch / English), accommodation in simple camps.
Any nutritional restrictions is also taken into account.

What to bring along?

  • 2 bath towels
  • Swim clothing
  • Long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Good running shoes with profile / water shoes
  • Sunburn oil
  • Hat or cap, rain jacket or poncho
  • Flashlight
  • Passport
  • Film camera and / photo camera
  • Mosquito oil
  • Small backpack for carrying water for personal use
  • Surinamese money for the purchase of souvenirs (if present) and personal expenses