Blog 1

Our first travel story is about the pleasant City Tour with a visit to the market and learning to cook Surinamese.

We left at 8 o’clock in the morning for the city tour. We were well rubbed in, cap on, sneakers on and provided with a bottle of water. We walked through the city center of Paramaribo and heard very interesting stories about the history. It seemed as if every street had a story and was brought in a nice way by the guide. By the way, she said right from the start that it wasn’t a history lesson where you had to know the dates, but it was the stories that would stay with you the most.

And that was true. Especially the story of the arson at Keizerstraat and how they found out the perpetrators was amazing!

The Basilica of Paramaribo where we took a look while the choir school was just practicing there. Very impressive.

Kathedraal koorschool

We had a drink at the Waterfront and we got to taste Surinamese Maizena and coconut cookie. The first one was somewhat difficult me. It’s very dry and sticky , but the other one was tasty!

Maizena Koekjes

Off to the market to buy the ingredients. We have chosen to make Sauto ajam, since our grandmother is Javanese and we want to surprise her with our cooking skills. The market in Paramaribo does not differ that much from other markets in the world. A pleasant hustle and bustle.

We got to taste it, smell it and the guide made a chat at some vendors. After we had purchased everything, a taxi awaited us and brought us to the place where we would cook.. A cute guesthouse close to the center with a cooling balcony and bushy  city garden.

There we met Irene our cook. A sweet patient chatterbox. We did some cutting and stirring and bit of this and a bit of that, and voila! Our delicious soup was ready. We also had chicken skewers and spring rolls. Irene also taught us some Javanese words. We will certainly tell this to our granny.


We had a nice meal and took an ice-cold Parbo beer . We certainly deserved that!

In short we enjoyed and look forward to the other tours

Parbo Bier