Blog 2

Plantaadje wetland tour our 2nd tour on program:


On Monday 20 May we left for Commewijne by bicycle. Having the tent boat over from Leonsberg was fantastic. Along the way we had a beautiful sight of Paramaribo. Cycling through the district to Leliendaal was quite exciting. Along the way we came across a two-toed sloth in a tree. Funny is that the power poles in Suriname all of those zinc “roofs”, so that the sloths can’t climb to top and cause a power outage!

Luiaard/ Sloth

At Leliendaal, the boats man Ashwien van Marienbosch was awaiting us. This is the man who arranges everything there. Driving a boat, preparing food, showing us around to visit caimans. A silent very handyman.

About 15 minutes sailing through a kind of canal brought us to the beautiful plantation home.

We were pleasantly surprised to find such a beautiful authentic home !!


The rooms are simple but clean, the balcony is lovely (nice hammock!), Meals are good and the conversations with the owner, Mr. Saud, ar very pleasant man. The man knows so much and is it such a cool relaxed man.

Ashwien brought us to Plantation Johanna Margaretha and there we went with such a tiny boat, Lolo Boto, to a vast area to spot birds! Super! That was quite an experience!!

We have spotted various birds and laughed about the names of the birds such as, Gotro motjo …

It was very exciting to pull the boat over again with its all.

We had a nice dinner at the pleasant chatting Mrs. Dipai. Tasty roti by the way !!


The night was in Marienbosch in very basic but clean rooms.

There is even a swimming pool there where in the early evening we relaxed in.

Spotted some birds the next morning and cycled back after breakfast via plantation Peperpot to Paramaribo

A nice tour and with all that you have to cycle on roads without cycle paths (good looking!), Not exhausting at all.