Brownsberg MTB tour 3 days

€ 239.-

Where is Brownsberg situated?

About 130 km south of Paramaribo and west from the Blommenstein reservoir you will find the Brownsberg Nature park which is about 6000 hectares.

The Brownsberg area is wide en starts at the foot of the mountain.  It’s a half moon-shaped buaxite plateau that reaches out at about 500m above the amazon forest which gives an amazing view over the Brokopondo reservoir and the wide forest. There’s a beautiful view of the wide jungle and the Blommenstein lake.

There are creeks cutting through the mountain that reach in waterfalls, There are trails through the forest that lead to the falls. The bio diversity of this park is high because it contains about 1450 different plants and over 350 different bird species like the grey-winged trumpeter, parrots and toucans. During the stroll through the forest there is a good chance you might see monkeys, frogs or land turtles.

What will we do on this trip?

The Brownsberg MTB tour is a combination of a challenge and nature delight. A beautiful and challenging mountainbike tour brings us to the top of the Brownsberg Nature Park about 500 m above the sea level. An absolute must for the spontaneous and nature lovers among us!

We will depart early in the morning from “Fietsen in Suriname” by bus to the the old plantation Berg en Dal. From here on we will cycle alonside different villages to the top of the Brownsberg. Once we have reached, we can enjoy the well-deserved lunch. After lunch there will be time to rest or stroll on the plateau.

Day 2 after breakfast we will get ready for the stroll to Witti creek. This trip can be a slippery adventure, but upon arrival one can get rewarded with a creek full of water. Her you can go for a swim or relax. Afterwards we will go back to the plateau to have lunch. You can spend the rest of your afternoon to your liking. Later in the evening a delicious dinner will be prepared for you

Day 3 after breakfast we will take a stroll to the Leo- and Irene falls. When returning to the plateau, we will persue  the descent. We will have our lunc at the foot of the mountain. Our bus will be waiting for us at Berg en Dal to return to Paramaribo. This a challenge you just can’t miss.

What is included?

Bicycle, all meals, water/falvoured water, tourguide (Dutch/English). Overnight stay in hammocks

What to bring along?

  • Towels and swimwear
  • Shirts with long sleeves/ trousers
  • Proper running shoes with profile
  • Sunscreen lotion and mosquito gel
  • Hat or cap
  • Camera
  • Small backpack to carry water
  • Surinamese money for the purchase of souvenirs (if available) and personal expenses
  • Passport