Brownsberg, Stone island and Isadou Above Suriname 4 days

€ 335.-

Where are we going?
About 130 km south of Paramaribo, west of the Van Blommestein reservoir, is the approximately 6000 ha size Brownsberg

Nature Park.
The Brownsberg area is stretched out and starts at the foot of the mountain. The mountain is a remnant of a semi-moon-shaped bauxite plateau, which with its 500 meter height protrudes above the surrounding jungle. As a result, there are beautiful views over the Brokopndo reservoir and the extensive jungle. The mountain is intersected by creeks that flow into waterfalls, where hiking trails lead through the tropical forest. The nature park is highly regarded by its biodiversity. There are no less than 1450 different types of plants, and at least 350 species of birds live in this nature park, such as trumpet birds, parrots and toucans. During the walking tour you have a good chance to see monkeys, frogs, or tortoises. The nature park serves as a center for nature education and public awareness about nature conservation.

The island of Isadou located in the Upper Suriname River, opposite the famous Maroon village of Jaw Jaw, is not only popular because of the impressive rapids with accompanying sandy beaches *, but also because of the serenity that radiates the resort.
* especially at low water levels

What do the days look like?
In the morning you leave by bus to the Brownsberg. After about 2.5 hours of driving, the bus stops at the Mazaroniplateau. Here begins the vast Amazon region and you will still find untouched jungle. The brisk walk with descents and climbs through the forest is rewarded with a wonderful natural massage under one of the waterfalls that provide a refreshing cooling. Then you return to the plateau where a delicious lunch is waiting for you and afterwards you can enjoy the jungle sounds and the beautiful view over the reservoir. Stone island is a peninsula and gives you a nice view of the reservoir
You can complete the evening entirely according to your own wishes. You stay overnight on Stone island in beds with mosquito net. It is possible to carry out a boat trip on the lake.

The Upper Surinam region, where Isadou is located, is known for its unique maroon culture and its virgin Amazon rainforest. The Maroons, descendants of runaway slaves, settled a long time ago in the inaccessible interior, where they built a new life. Because of their isolated way of life, a completely unique culture developed with strong African influences.
Isadou is one of the few places with authentic lodges and a local Maroon couple is the owner.
The tour to Isadou is unique, because it has been set up in such a way that the local maroon population is involved as much as possible and thereby “thrift” with tourism in Suriname. For example, the operations (activities) from cook to guide are entrusted to the enthusiastic local residents, who do their utmost to make the guests feel at home. The charm of traditional customs and manners can still be experienced at Isadou.

Note: the program is subject to changes (due to culture or weather conditions)

What is included?
Transport by bus & boat, accommodation indicated, all meals, snacks and fruit, water, juice / syrup, coffee / tea, tour guide (Dutch / English).
All activities as indicated.
Any nutritional restrictions will also be taken into account.

What do we take with us?
• 2 bath towels and swimsuits
• Shorts and t-shirts and long sleeve shirt and long trousers for the evening
• Good running shoes with profile
• Sunscreen oil, mosquito oil
• Hat or cap
• Flashlight
• Copy of your passport
• Charged film camera and / photo camera
• Garbage bag to put in a weekend bag or backpack
• Small backpack to, for example, carry water for personal use
• Surinamese money for the purchase of souvenirs (if any) and personal expenses