Busiwagi 4×4 Blanche Marie trail 4 days

€ 549,-

Where are we going?

You will experience Suriname on a whole new level wich is impressive and unbelievable. You will encounter the hurdles yourself with a 4×4 vehicle ,drive in the moonlight, sleep in a  hammock, shower under a waterfall, survive in the jungle. All aspects of a great adventure are featured. With all impressions and experience in the virgin nature, you will be going home with the most beautiful and exciting stories.

What are we going to do on this trip?

At 10 ‘o clock you will be picked up at your residence. The basic skills do drive on your own and safety instructions will be explained to you so you get familiarised with the adventure that is waiting for you.

On the first day you will go explore the savannah together with your guide and fellow travelers. There you will get the chance to tackle the offroading adventure. Big puddles, mud baths, hills and deep ditches are featured. After dinner you will start with a spectacular evening ride after which you will get ready at 22:00 hrs for the night. The camping will take place somewhere ecstatic in the middle of the jungle.

Day 2: You will wake up with the typical jungle sounds of Suriname. After a hearty breakfast we will follow the road towards the Blanche Marie falls. Upon arrival you will get the time to relax for a moment and take a nice refreshing dive. You will spend some time and enjoy the wonderful spectacle. The camp will be set up near the falls.

Day 3: After breakfast you will leave for the “Tigri-Olo trail” or “Avanavero trail”, venture the obstacles  and enjoy nature. At the end of the trail you will get the opportunity to have luch. Afterwards, together we will go look for a fitting camping site. Some basic principles about surviving in the jungle will be tried out. After that you can get ready for a well-deserved night rest.

Day 4: The way back to town will be via the Tibiti trail, Gunsi trail and “the hole”. After having ventured all challenges, we will return to the civilized world. You will be back at your residence by 15:00 p.m.

What is included?

Transportation from the camp site to the starting point of tour busiwagi:

-Day 1: Luch, dinner

-Day 2: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

-Day 3: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

-Day 4: Breakfast, lunch, water/ soda

During the tour you can bring a bag of Max. 20 L. The bag will be placed in dust- and watertight box

What to bring along?

  • Tied sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen lotion and mosquito gel
  • Hat or cap
  • Camera
  • Raincoat orponcho
  • Extra clothes that can get messy.