Combi tour 9 days

Raleighvallen – Blanche Marie – Avanavero

Nickerie and bigi Pan 9 days

€ 980.-

Where are we going?

In the Central nature reserve Raleigh Falls you can find all eight monkey species. You will take a long walk to the Volz Mountain and stand underneath the waterfalls on Blanche marie after a hike in the beautiful jungle. At the Avanavero fall you will see old petroglyphs that are about 4000 years old!

Nickerie in the west is the second city of Suriname and also the rice district. And Bigi Pan is a true paradise for birdwatchers and other nature lovers.

What are we going to do?

Day 1: At 8:00 we will leave by bus for Witagron, a Maroon village. Upon arrival at Witagron lunch will be served, after which the boats will be loaded for the trip to the Raleigh Falls. Upon arrival, you will meet the manager and be assigned to your accommodation.. In the afternoon, you wil explore the island. If desired, you can take a dip in the river.

Day 2: After breakfast we will get ready for an educational “hike” to the Voltzberg. This tour is very fascinating and impressive. Many animals can be encountered, such as monkeys, wild boars, birds etc. The highlight on this day is of course the climb to the top (240 m) where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the tropical rainforest. In the afternoon we will return to the lodge. On the way we will make a stop at the Anjoemara Falls to cool down. After dinner, we will be socializing together.

Day 3: After breakfast we will leave by boat to Lolopasi where we will take a hike through the forest to the breathtaking Mother Falls. At 13.00 we will have a picnic lunch. In the afternoon we pay a visit the airport and you can also spot various birds. We will sail back in the late afternoon. After dinner, you can also enjoy a cultural show with singing and dancing from the local Raleighboys.

Day 4: Around 9 am we will leave by boat to Witagron and from there we will drive to the Blanche Marie. During the trip there is a chance that you might see different animals and bird species. After arrival at Blanche Marie, the area will be explored, you can swim and later on enjoy the evening meal.

Day 5: After breakfast we will take a walk to the Blanche Marie waterfall. Along the way you will hear fun and interesting facts about the biodiversity in this area while passing the fast rapids of the river. Wherever possible, you can sit or stand undeneath the waterfalls and let the powerful water shower down over you. This is a completely unique experience! We will have lunch in picnic style. After that, there will still be plenty of time to splash about. In the late afternoon we will return for dinner and our overnight stay.

Day 6: After breakfast we will leave for Avanavero. Upon arrival at Avanavero we will sail another 15 minutes to the island where we will spend the night. Here we will settle in the Wanawiro lodge.

After lunch we will take a short walk to the unique Avanavero falls. The afternoon you can swim or fish.

Day 7: We will go look for the petroglyphs and afterwards we will travel to Apura where we will go sightseeing and then go by boat to Nieuw Nickerie. Upon arrival we will first settle at the hotel and then take a walk through the predominantly Hindu populated town with about 8,000 inhabitants. At the beginning of the evening we will enjoy the sunset at the Zeedijk, just outside the city.

Day 8: On this day we will pay a visit to the largest lagoon in Suriname, the Bigi Pan Nature Reserve. You will get to know this breeding paradise for more than 120 bird species while going through the creeks, mangrove forests and marshlands by canoe. The overnight stay will be on Bigi Pan in one of the houses on stilts!

Day 9 we will go by boat towards Nickerie and from there on to Paramaribo.

What is included?

Transportation as indicated in the program. All meals, snacks and fruit, water, juice / syrup, coffee / tea, tour guide (Dutch / English). Accommodation and all day trips as indicated in the program.

Possible food restrictions will be taken into account.

What do we take with?

  • 2 Bath towels
  • Swimwear
  • Shirt with long sleeves and trousers
  • Proper walking shoes/ watershoes
  • Sunblock and insect repellent
  • Hat or cap
  • Flashlight
  • Passport
  • Camera
  • Small backpack to carry water for personal use
  • Surinamese money for the purchase of souvenirs (if available) and personal expenses