Cordon Savanne 4×4 Trail 2 days

€ 287,-

What are we going to do?

The tour is full of adventures and challenges. You will tackle the different obstacles on your own with the 4×4 vehicle en will reach wonderful places where almost no one comes. You will spend the night in a hammock and will go ‘back to basic’ with this. Young or old, man or woman, with the different aspects in the program, this tour is suitable  for anyone that would like to explore Suriname in an adventurous way.

 What are the plans?

On the first day we will pick you up at 7:00 a.m at your residence. Just outside the busy Surinamese traffic , you will get to know the 4×4 vehicles, fellow traveleres and tour guide. The basic skills for offroading and safety instructions will be explained to you so you get familiarised with the adventure that is waiting for you. After a short break, you will hit the road together with your tour guide and fellow travelers. We will make the crossing toward de Jodensavanne. In the afternoon you will be in the savannah with your vehicle where you will get the chance to try out all the facets of offroading on your own. With big puddles, mud baths, hills en deep ditches, You and your fellow travelers will take on the different obstacles and come up with solutions for the challenges of the nature. At the end of the afternoon you will make a camp together with your tour guide, enjoy a well-deserved meal en get ready for the overnight stay in a hammock in the middle of the savannah.

The next day after breakfast you will continue your adventure with a savannah trail and a trail through bushes and creeks. The cordonpath where this trail partially cuts through, is a military bridle path from the time of slavery. This path runs between the savannah and the jungle and was seen as the border of freedom. By enjoying the wonderful nature, exciting adventures en the delicious food, you won’t forget this journey easily. After having ventured all challenges, we will return to the civilized world. You will be back at your residence by 17:00 p.m

What is included?

Transportation from the agreed location to the starting point of Busiwagi tour:

-Day 1: Lunch, dinner

-Day 2: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, water/soda

During the tour you can take a bag of max. 20 L with. The bag will be placed in a dust- and water tight box.

What to bring along?

  • Tied sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreenlotion and mosquito gel
  • Hat or cap
  • Camera
  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Clothes that can get messy