Fish tour Wonotobo 10 days

Wonotobo 10 days
Min. 4 persons
€ 1750, –

Where are the Wonotobovallen?
The Wonotobo traps are the largest in Suriname. These are formed by islands that form a natural barrier in the rivers, between which lie many beautiful waterfalls.
This area is pristine and the chance that you will meet other tourists is small.
Wonotobo is an undoubted obstacle, about 350 kilometers upstream from the mouth of the Corantijn. The rapids can only be reached by boat. They arise from four permanently flowing mouths, called the Englishman, Frenchman, blue crane and the Dutchman, and a number of smaller and less permanent currents. The total river basin is one kilometer wide and five kilometers long. Apart from a small (deserted) Indian village and a Guyanese lumberjack camp, the area is uninhabited.

What are we going to do?
Suriname is developing as a sports fishing country. It is also not surprising. In an adventurous environment you exercise your hobby, you do that in Suriname. It is a true paradise for anglers who do not want to shy away from a challenge. The Wonotobo fall is the perfect destination for an adventure in paradise.

Day 1: departure from Paramaribo to Nickerie. The journey continues by boat, via Apura, to Cawfalls where we will spend the night. On the way a short lunch break is held.
Day 2: after breakfast you will fish in the surroundings of Cawfalls. Then the journey continues to the Wonotobofalls.
Day 3 – 8: In the sign of fishing, from the side / boat at different locations.
Day 9: Departure to Apura after breakfast, fishing along the mouth of the Kabalebo River.
Day 10: After breakfast via Nickerie to Paramaribo where we will arrive in the evening.

Local name: English name: Scientific name:
Tukunari, Toekoenari Peacock bass Cichla ocellaris
Pireng Black piranha Serrasalmus rhombeus
Redtail, Red-tailed Catfish Redtail catfish phractocephalus hemioliopterus
Spikrikaty, Tiger Downfall Striped catfish Pseudoplatystoma fasiatum
Lalau Lalao catfish Brachyplatystoma vaillanti
Koebi Black drum Plagioscion surinamensis
Trapoon Tarpon Tarpon atlanticus
Anjoemara Giant trahira Hoplias macrophthalmus

What is included?
• Transport, Consumptions (breakfast / lunch / dinner)
• Accommodation: traditional camp on the way, at wonotobo in resort.
• Boat with guide and fuel

What is not included?
• International ticket
• Stay in Paramaribo
• Consumptions in Paramaribo

What do we take with us?
• Fishing equipment (possibly available for rent List of recommended equipment available)
• Items for personal care (incl. Medicines and mosquito)
• Light clothing, long sleeves and trousers, cap / hat and rain gear
• Travel and cancellation insurance