Fishtour Kayser Mountains 5 days

Kayser mountains 5 days

Min. 6 people.

€ 2500.-p.p.

What information:

Suriname is developing further as a sports fishing nation. It is also not surprising. Exercise your hobby in an adventurous environment, that is what you do in Suriname. It is a true paradise for anglers who do not want to shy away from a challenge.

Where are we going?

In the district of Sipaliwini (Suriname, South America), the airstrip Kayser (SMKE) is located on the Zuidrivier. This is the southern boundary of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve (Central Suriname Reserve). This Airstrip was built during operation Grasshopper in 1959 and is named after vice-admiral C.C. Kayser. He has guided several expeditions that have led to the discovery and unfolding of many treasures that Suriname has to offer.

Where do we stay?

The airstrip Kayser has 4 small houses. One of the cottages has been converted into a guest house with a beautiful dining room, kitchen, showers, toilets with running water. There are 8 beds for guests. Hammocks are available for larger groups. All other camps on the Zuidrivier are all equipped with basic facilities where hammocks or tents are used. Solar energy available at the airstrip.

Some more information:

In recent years, Kayser has been visited by some of the best fishing enthusiasts in the world. Kayser has the reputation of being the world’s number 1 location to catch large Anjumara (Giant Trahira / Wolffish) on top water lures, but also Tukunari (Peacock Bass / chicla Ocellaris), red tailed catfish (Restail Catfish / practocephalus hemioliopterus) and large Piranhas ( Black Piranhas / Serrasalmus rhombeus). This year the American Larry Dahlberg from “The Hunt for Big Fish” and the Brazilian Johnny Hoffmann known from “momento da Pesca” on Fish TV visited Kayser.

What are we going to do?

Departure from the accommodations in Paramaribo at the airport “Zorg & Hoop”. We fly to Kayser in about 1h15. Upon arrival, explore the area and have lunch. In the afternoon all the possibilities to fish in the creek.

The next 3 days will focus on fishing, fishing and even fishing. We have several boats on the river and sail to the various fishing spots

on the late-set day the possibility to fish in the creek in the morning. In the early afternoon back to Paramaribo.

What is included?

Transfer accommodation, domestic flight, refreshments (breakfast, lunch and dinner), stay and boat (with accessories)

The season:

Season: Dry time, September-January

Species of fish:

Local name: English name: Scientific name:

Tukunari, Toekoenari Peacock bass Cichla ocellaris

Pireng Black piranha Serrasalmus rhombeus

Redtail Red-tailed Catfish Redtail catfish Phractocephalus hemioliopterus

Anjoemara Giant trahira / Wolffish Hoplias macrophthalmus

What is not included?

International ticket
Stay in Paramaribo
Expenses in Paramaribo
What do we take with us?

Rod material (possibly available for rent List of recommended material available)
Items for personal care (incl. Medicines and mosquito)
Light clothing, long sleeves and pants, cap / hat and rain gear.
Travel and cancellation insurance
Photo / film device