Fredberg Eco Tour

€ 235,- p/p (all- in)

What is Fredberg?
Fredberg is the destination for adventurers, nature lovers and travelers who like to face animals. We take you to a place that we have rediscovered, where you will experience the absolute beauty of Suriname. You walk through the pristine jungle and sleep on the top of the mountain. Experience the magic of Fredberg

What does the day look like?
Day 1
After a brief discussion of the schedule and a cup of coffee or tea, it’s time to leave. You get in the car in the direction of the pristine jungle and you will take about 4 hours on the way, depending on the number of stops. You first arrive at the base camp where you have time to swim and eat.
Put on your jungle clothes because it is time to brave the Fredberg. You walk through the pristine jungle in about 3 to 4 hours before you reach the mountain top. It is a trip that can be done very well for everyone in normal condition. When you arrive at the top of the mountain you can enjoy it. The view is beautiful and with a shower and kitchen the necessary facilities for a good night are also present. Enjoy the sunset and the starry sky at the top of the mountain before you go to sleep at this special place.

Day 2
Jump out of your hammock early today for one of the most beautiful sunrises in Suriname. From above you can see the jungle awakening, with the sound of howler monkeys and beautiful birds like macaws flying by. A good hearty breakfast will be provided by the cook so that you can meet this day with enough energy. Today you will discover the jungle even better. Your guide will take you on the other side of the mountain to the rare orange cock-of-the-rock bird and who knows you may spot a lot of monkey species on the way. After the jungle trip you will return to the base camp, where it is time to relax. An extensive lunch with ice-cold drinks is available. Tonight you sleep in a comfortable bed, you no longer need the hammock. You can fish, sail and with high water you can even dive into the water with a real tarzanswing. In the evening you go out again with a guide to spot the nocturnal animals. The evening is often closed around the campfire.

Day 3
If you can’t get enough of the jungle, you can go out with your guide again to see more animals. If you just need to swim and sunbathe the last day, there is certainly room for this. After lunch it is time to pack the things to drive to Paramaribo again.

What is included?
Transport, guide,), non-alcoholic beverage, meals, snacks.
accommodation * (hammock incl. mosquito net) * bed accommodation in the base camp
Any food restrictions are also taken into account.

Photo Credit: SuForYou