Lodgehopping 6 days

€ 615.-

Where are we going?

Discover the beautiful nature,the strength of the rapids, the special culture on the Gran Rio and the Upper Suriname River. You will be staying at the: Kosindo River Lodge, Jungle Resort Pingpe and Hotel Botopassie

What are we going to do on this trip?

You will depart from Airport Zorg & Hope in Paramaribo to Kajana. After about 1 hour, you will land in the middle of the Surinamese rainforest at the Kajana airport. While you are high in the air, you will have a stunning view over the Surinamese jungle, the large plain with jungle and the winding rivers where villages are located. After you have been welcomed at Kajana, you will get the opportunity to swim in the river or to relax at the resort. After that, you will cruise through to the Awaraddam Peti rapids. On the way you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings along the river. After dinner, the guide will tell you more about the Saramaccan culture and language, the surrounding area and the next day’s program.

On day 2 after breakfast, you will step into the canoe to sail to the Okkoberg, which you will then take a stroll on. On the way, you will have lunch. Upon arrival at the resort, you will have some free time to swim in the river or enjoy the surroundings from within your hammock. Or you could just chooseto do one of the workshops offered by Kosindo River Lodge (not included in the price). In the evening you can enjoy a nice dinner and spend the rest of that time to your liking.

After breakfast on day 3, you can cruise to the magnificent Tapawatra rapid by canoe. On the way you will stop at Gran Dam, this is a big rapid, where you will change from boat. At the Tapawatra rapid, where the Gran Rio and Pikin Rio meet, you can swim or just lay back and indulge yourself in the natural massage from the refreshing river stream. You will be picknicking on one of the rocks in the rapid where you will be consuming your lunch. After this you will take a walk in one of the surrounding villages. You will also visit the Djumu Health Center, which is a central medical post for the wide area. Afterwards, you will continue your trip to Jungle Resort Pingpe. After settling into your lodge, in the evening you will further get acquainted with life in the interior.

Day 4, After a hearty breakfast, along with the guide you will take a walk through the pristine forest and past the farms of the village. During the walk, the guide will inform you about the different (medicinal) plants, trees, animals and the benefits of the jungle itself. In addition, you will see how hard the villagers work to grow their own food on their agricultural farms.

In the afternoon, after your return to the resort, a delicious lunch will be waiting for you. Before or after lunch you can take a refreshing dip in the river. And later on that day, you will go to the village of Pingpe

to meet the residents. Here you will see how the people live and how they spend their days. In the evening after dinner, you will take a cruise on the river by canoe. The guide will let the canoe just go with the flow so you can enjoy the silence or the magnificent sounds of the jungle, the starry sky and the spotting of caymans.

Day 5, You will go from Jungle Resort Pingpe to Hotel Botopassie by boat. After a short walk through the jungle, you will visit the Pikin Slee Museum, where you will be introduced to local art made by men in the area. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the tranquility of the resort. In the evening you might watch a movie that will give you more insight about the Maroon culture.

On day 6 you will return to Atjoni by canoe, and continue further to Paramaribo by bus.

*Due to weather conditions or cultural activities, the day program can be rearranged, in consultation with you.

What is included?

Transportation by bus & boat, accommodation, all meals, snacks and fruit, water, juice/syrup, coffee/ tea, tour guide (Dutch / English). All activities as indicated. Travel by air max. 8kg p.p. Possible food restrictions will be taken into account.

What to bring along?

  • 2 towels and swimwear
  • Shorts, t-shirts, shirts with long sleeves and long trousers for the evening
  • Proper footwear with profile/ watershoes
  • Sunscreen lotion, toiletries and mosquito gel
  • Hat or cap
  • Flashlight / Camera
  • Trashbag to put your luggage in to prevent them from getting wet
  • Small backpack to carry your water
  • Surinamese money for the purchase of souvenirs (if available) and personal expenses
  • Passport