Nickerie Bigi Pan tour 2 days

€ 180.-

Where is Nickerie?
The Nickerie district is situated on the border with Guyana, about 240 km west of Paramaribo. The northern border is formed by the Atlantic Ocean, in the south the district Sipaliwini and east the district Coronie. New-Nickerie is the capital of the district and with 12,000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city in Suriname. The nature reserve Bigi Pan is famous for its coastal birds: 72 species have their permanent residence here, including the red ibis, the osprey, the tern and several waders. Another 50 other species visit the area as passers-by. Bigi Pan is a true paradise for birdwatchers and other nature lovers.

What are we going to do on this trip?
Around 8 o’clock we will drive to Groningen, the main town of the Saramacca district and also the first settlement of the Dutch farmers in 1845. After a snack and a drink we will leave via Boskamp to Coronie. In this district, the slave houses are still in the original style.
At 13.00 hrs we will have lunch at the local Chinese eatery. Then we will drive past Wageningen, Henarpolder and the banana plantation. We will arrive in Nieuw Nickerie at approximately 15.30 hrs. After the check-in, we will take a short break before our departure to the Zeedijk and the Hindu temple. In the evening we will have a warm meal at an Indian restaurant. You can spend the evening to your liking.

On day 2 we will leave around 8 am for Bigipan and will stay there for about 4 hours. This area is the wintering place for birds from North America and Canada. The area is about 250,000ha. The red Ibises appear from November to mid-May.
We will have lunch after our visit to the Bigi Pan area.

Please note that the program is subject to changes (ie cultural circumstances or weather conditions)

What is included?
Transportation by bus and boat, accommodation, meals, drinks (non-alcoholic), tour guide (Dutch-English). Possible food restrictions will be taken into account. The hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a private shower and toilet. 1 pers surcharge per night € 15.-

What to bring along?
• Shorts, T-shirts. Bring enough clothes
• Raincoat/poncho
• Proper running shoes with profile
• Sunscreen lotion/ toiletries/ mosquito gel
• Hat or cap
• Camera
• Small backpack to carry water
• Surinamese money for personal expenses
• Passport