Pingpe 5 days Back to Basic

€ 410.-

Where is Pingpe situated?
Pingpe is a tourist residence that is beautifully situated on the Upper Suriname River on the island of Mambijai opposite the village of Pempe. It lies 75km south of Atjoni and close to the villages of Semoisi and Djumu. The village of Pempe has about 200 people who have retained the culture of their ancestors.The resort consists of a large dining room with a bar and a separate kitchen, cabins with a spacious veranda. (some do not have their own shower and toilet).

What are we going to do on this trip?
If you will travel by bus / canoe, you will be picked up from your lodging address at 8:30 in the morning. By bus you will drive about 2.5 hours to the little canoe harbor Atjoni. Along the way you can already enjoy the colorful culture that Suriname offers, you will also pass small villages and settlements of the Amer-Indians and Creole people. Once you have arrived at Atjoni, you can stretch your legs and you will be offered a lunch. In the meantime, the canoe will be loaded for the boat trip to Jungle Resort Pingpe. After lunch you will sail for about 3.5 hours over the beautiful upper-Suriname river to Pingpe, the duration is partly dependent on the water level of the river. During the trip by canoe you will see many villages along the river and you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. If you leave by plane, you will depart around midday from airport Zorg en Hoop in Paramaribo, fly to Djumu airport for about 45 minutes, where you will land in the middle of the Surinamese rainforest. From the plane, you will have a magnificent view of the Surinamese jungle and the meandering river where the villages are located. From Djumu you will sail for about about 15 minutes to the resort, where a nice lunch will be waiting for you.
After being welcomed at the Jungle Resort Pingpe and the commissioning of your lodge, you will get the opportunity to swim in the river or relax on the island. After dinner you will meet the local staff and the guide will tell you more about the Saramaccan culture, the language, facts about the island, the surroundings and the program of the next day.
Day 2- Back-to-Basic, you will hike through the virgin jungle and spend the night. After breakfast you will sail to Pingpe, where your back-to-basic experience will start. Together with the guide you will take a hike deep into the virgin forest. The staff will take the food and drinks with. After a walk of 4 to 5 hours you will arrive at a large creek where a simple camp, camp Anjoemara, will be set up. During the walk the guide will inform you about the flora, fauna and also about the uses of the jungle. In the creek you can swim and bathe, but you can also take on the challenge to catch an Anjoemara or relax in a hammock with a book. After dinner you can enjoy a campfire and indulge yourself in the peace of the jungle before you will swing yourself to sleep in your hammock.

Day 3- You will walk back after a beautiful night in the jungle and a fun cultural evening. After you have taken down the camp and after a hearty breakfast, you will walk back to the village of Pingpe for 3 to 4 hours. There you will be return to the resort by canoe. In the afternoon you can recover from the walk and after dinner, the locals will treat you to an evening full of culture: singing, dancing and rhythm are the key words of this evening. The ladies from the village become more and more enthusiastic when the guests join in on this evening. (With 4 people and more).

Day 4- Early in the morning you will go to the village of Semoisi by canoe. Here you will visit the local primary school, where the children of both villages get educated. After this you will sail back to the Jungle Resort Pingpe where breakfast will be ready for you. In the afternoon you will sail to the village Asindohopo, the village of the Granman, which is located on the Pikin Rio. You will make a walk through the village and visit the local radio station. After the walk you will sail to the beautiful Tapawatra rapids, where you can swim and enjoy a natural massage from the streaming water. You will picknick on one of the rocks where you will have your lunch. On the way back to the resort, you will visit the health center of Djumu, which is a central medical post for the area. After dinner you will make an evening boat trip. The guide will let the canoe go with the flow of the river, allowing you to enjoy the silence or the beautiful sounds of the jungle, the starry sky and the spotting of caimans.

Day 5- If you will travel back to Paramaribo by canoe/bus, you will leave for Atjoni after breakfast, sail downstream for about 2.5 hours. You can enjoy a nice lunch in the boat or at Atjoni, before you switch to the bus. After the bus ride of about 2 hours you will arrive in Paramaribo.

* Due to weather conditions or cultural activities, in consultation with you, the day program can be rearranged or adjusted.

What is included?
Transportation by bus & boat, accommodation, all meals, snacks and fruit, water, juice / syrup, coffee / tea Tour guide (Dutch / English). All activities as indicated.Travel by plane max. 8kg p.p.
Possible food restrictions will be taken into account
What to bring along?
• Proper walking shoes with good profile/ watershoes
• 2 towels and swimwear
• Sunscreen Lotion, toiletries and mosquito gel
• Hat or cap
• Shorts, T-shirts, trousers and shirts with long sleeves
• Raincoat or poncho
• Camera
• Water tight or trash bag to put your luggage in
• Small backpack to carry water
• Surinamese money for the purchase of souvenirs (if available) and personal expenses
• Passport