Pingpe Jungle resort Boven Suriname 3 to 6 days

from € 285.-
Where is Pingpe?
Pingpe is a tourist residence that is beautifully situated on the Upper Suriname River on the island of Mambijai opposite the village of Pempe. It lies 75km south of Atjoni and close to the villages of Semoisi and Djumu. The village of Pempe has about 200 souls who have retained the culture of their ancestors.
The resort consists of a large dining room with bar and separate kitchen, cabins with a spacious veranda. (some do not have their own shower and toilet).

What do the days look like?
If you leave by bus and boat, you will be picked up at your guest address. We drive to Atjoni in about 3 hours and step into the boat for a 4-hour boat trip by canoe. By plane: 1 hour flying to Djumu and 15 min sailing downstream to the resort.
Under the guidance of a (local) guide you undertake an extensive forest walk. You get information about the flora and fauna around you. Cool down the creek in the water. You will visit the villages of Pempe and Semoisi. Visit to the local school. Boat trip to the Tapawatra rapids, confluence of the Gran and Piking Rio.
In the evenings a dug-out shuttle to a creek to spot caimans. Visit to the medical station Djumu, the residence of the Granman of the Saramaccans. A dance performance by the local population.
You can also make an additional hike to the Ananas Mountains.
Note: the program is subject to changes (due to culture or weather conditions)
What is included?
Transport by bus & boat, accommodation, all meals, snacks and fruit, water, juice / syrup, coffee / tea Tour guide (Dutch / English). All activities as indicated.
Travel by plane max. 8kg p.p.
Any nutritional restrictions will also be taken into account.

What do we take with us?
• 2 bath towels and swimsuits
• Shorts and t-shirts and long sleeve shirt and long trousers for the evening
• Good running shoes with profile
• Sunscreen oil, mosquito oil
• Hat or cap
• Flashlight
• Copy of your passport
• Charged film camera and / photo camera
• Garbage bag to put in a weekend bag or backpack
• Small backpack to, for example, carry water for personal use
• Surinamese money for the purchase of souvenirs (if any) and personal expenses

Prices: 3dgn € 285.-, 4 days € 360.-, 5 days € 385.-
Back to Basic 4dgn € 380.-, 5dgn € 410.-

Departure by bus and boat vv. Choice by plane flying back between € 70.- and € 90.-extra.