Santigron Tour 2 days

€ 175.- p.p

Where is Santigron?
Santigron is 30 km away from Paramaribo, situated at the Saramaccarivier, in the middle of the jungle.

What will we do on this tour?
At 08.45 a.m we will depart from the fish pond in hotel Torarica. When you are welcomed by the hosts and hostesses on the Santigron Eco Parc in the morning, you will notice that the local population is fully involved in the SANTIGRON EXPERIENCE TOURS.
The entire Santigron Eco Parc is equipped with wooden walking paths, which connects each building of the “Santigron Eco Parc” and makes it comfortable to walk, even in the rainy season.

After a welcome drink and introduction to the administrator and hosts you will be picked up by the local guide for a tour through the village. During this walk you will get a good impression of the history of the village, the traditional life of the Maroons and their culture.

After the Maroon village tour you can consume, on the Santigron Eco Parc, a delicious Maroon lunch consisting of rice and a special celebration course for the Maroons (you can only enjoy this type of food at the Maroons), fresh vegetables, salads, meat, fish and fruit as a dessert. Everything is homemade and the meals can be enjoyed on pottery plates and drunk in glasses.
After the lunch a cultural dancing supported by Apintie drums is presented, all players and dancers come from Santigron, so authentic. Then follows a boat trip on the Sarramaccarivier.

During the boat trip on the river you have a great opportunity to come face to face with the inhabitants of the jungle as monkeys, sloths, water cows, tropical birds and perhaps a crocodile. Then see others Maroon villages where you’ll get a small village walk and there is a possibility to swim in a creek along the river.
Here after your hostess provide a delicious BBQ. Then can be danced with the local population, possibly until late. Of course you can also enjoy the starry sky and nightly sounds of the jungle in your ecolodge.
Day 2, you start with a breakfast, with all the trimmings. Then you will be picked up by our jungle guide provided with you on jungle adventure to the Amer-Indian Village. The tour ends with a tasty farewell lunch.

Please note that the program is subject to change (due to cultural or weather conditions)

What is included?
Transportation by bus and boat, lunch, snacks en fruit, drinks
Special dietary requests shall also be taken in account.

What to bring along?
• short and t-shirt
• Shoes with profile and or water sandals
• Sun block and musquito spray
• Hat or cap, raincoat or poncho
• Small backpack to e.g. to carry water for your own use
• film camera and or photo camera
• Surinamese money for personal expenses