Tioboto Eco Lodge Tour

3 days € 235.-/ 4 days € 275.-

Where is Tio Boto situated?
Tio Boto is a small eco resort in the jungle of Suriname. It is a 3½ hour boattrip from Atjoni on the Upper Suriname River. There are 6 cabins with 1-2 person beds with mosquito net. Of course there is the possibility to sleep in a hammock. Tio Boto can be experienced as authentic as you want. Pure and pristine!
At Tio Boto you enjoy the sun, the sounds of the birds and the swimming in the river with its bright, cool water. The more adventurous can fish and prepare their food at a campfire!

How will your days look like?
In de morning you’ll be picked up at your residence (in Paramaribo). We drive in approximately 3.5 hours to Atjoni and step in the boat for a 3.5 hour boat trip by dug-out canoe. A (local) guide will take you for a jungle walk. You will get information about the flora and fauna around you. You can hike to the Pineapple Mountains in approx. two hour walk through the jungle. On the 219 meters high mountain pineapples still grow in wild. A Boat trip to the Tapawatra falls, where the confluence is of the Gran Rio and Piking Rio.
At the end you will be treated with a tropical fruit picnic. A village walk and in the evening hours on the river you’ll spot caimans.
*Additional you can fish on special places in the jungle, a visit to the maroon museum, a ritual bubbling or enjoy a cultural action. Your guide will be happy to give you further information on the above activities.

Please note: The program is subject to changes (due to culture or weather conditions)

What is included?
Transportation by bus and boat, accommodation, all meals, snacks and fruit, water, juice, coffee/tea. Tourguide. All activities as discribed.
Met eventuele voedingsrestricties, wordt ook rekening gehouden.

What to bring along?
• Bath towel 2x and swimwear
• Long sleeve shirt and trousers, shorts and t-shirts
• Shoes with profile and or water sandals
• Sunblock and insect repellent
• Hat or cap, raincoat or poncho
• Flashlight
• camera
• Small backpack to e.g.. To carry Water for your own use
• Passport
• Surinamese money for the purchase of local souvenirs and personal expenses (bar consumption)