Warappakreek 2 days

€ 160.- p.p

Where is Warappa creek situated?
The Warappakreek is a 8.5 km long creek. Along this creek there are relics from the time of slavery such as the remains of an old steam sugar factory from 1830, old gates and floodgates and ring dams.

What will we do on this trip
We will sign up at the entrance of hotel Krasnapolsky / Eco Resort / Torarica / Residence Inn. We will depart from Paramaribo by bus to “Plantage Katwijk”. We will get a guided tour at “Plantage Katwijk” and drink KW coffee from the plantation. After that we will leave for the old plantation Bakkie.We will have lunch at 13.00 and you have the rest of the afternoon to yourself. (it is possible to go fishing, visit the garden, from October you can also rent bikes and cycle or just relax) After the dinner there is a possibility to go on a boat trip to spot caymans.

On day 2, depending on the tide we will divide this day. We will take a cruise in the Warappakreek, a walk through a village, visit a museum, have a tour and a nice lunch at Alliance, possibly also by bike to the citrus fields.
– Option to go fishing
– Estimated time to be back in the city will be around 6pm.

What is included?
Transportation by bus-boat, lunch, overnight stay and the indicated meals, snacks and fruit, drinks (non-alcoholic). Possible food restrictions will be taken into account.

What to bring along?
• Long trousers and shirts with long sleeves / blouse
• Sunscreen lotion, toiletries and mosquito gel
• Hat or cap
• Raincoat / poncho
• Camera
• Surinamese money for the purchase of souvenirs (if any) and personal expenses