Wayambo tour 3 days

€ 650.- v.a 2 pers.

Where are we going?
The Wayambo area is located in the west of Suriname. You will visit Corneliskondre, Donderskamp and Arawarasluis during this tour.

What are we gonna do?
Day 1: From “Weg naar zee” we will drive to the Coppename Bridge for about 2 hours. Along the way we will pass villages like Calcutta and Groningen. Once at the bridge over the Coppename River, the boat will be made ready for sailing. You will have the time to stretch out your legs and enjoy the surroundings. After the trailage, the course will be set towards the south. On the way we will pass the village of Batavia. Once past the Tibiti river, the Wayambo river will come into view. We will start fishing at the mouth of the Wayambo from within the boat. We will also have lunch on board. If necessary, the sunhood will be set up. The necessary cold drinks will be in the cooler box. In the meantime you will enjoy fishing, the flying macaws and the sounds of the jungle. There is a good chance you might spot animals like monkeys, deer, hares and birds of prey. At 6 o’clock the engine will start again and we will set course for Korneliskondre, where we will spend the night. Although the local population keeps the traditions alive, time doesn’t stand still there. There is plenty of mobile coverage. We will sleep in a traditional camp with hammocks. After dinner there will be an opportunity to spot animals from the river.

Day 2: The state of exploration. After breakfast we will sail to Donderskamp. About 1.5 hours sailing through the imposing nature. After getting acquainted with the head of the village, we will get a tour of the village. Here we will have lunch and get the opportunity to rest.
In the afternoon we will sail to the Arawara floodgate. This manually operated floodgate connects the wayambo with the nickerie river. The arawara creek has been dug by human hands. After our visit we will set course towards Corneliskondre where we will pass thunder camp for the 2nd time. In Corneliskondre we will have dinner. At the campfire we can recover from the day. Here there are still remnants of the agricultural company that once stood there.
We will be back in the village at lunchtime. After lunch we will prepare for the return journey. In about 2 hours we will sail back to the Coppename Bridge. After the trailering and making the boat ready for travel, we will drive back to Paramaribo in about 2 hours.

What is included?
Transportation from your lodging address within Paramaribo by car with air conditioning, professional sport fishing boat, fishing rods and all necessities, breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, fruit and non – alcoholic drinks, an experienced Dutch/English speaking guide. life jackets, first aid kit.

What to bring along?
• Sunscreen lotion and mosquito gel
• Protective clothing
• Watershoes